What is 4FRID?


4FRID is a patented rubber protector for vehicle door handles and locks. It does protect the vehicle door handle and the lock from frost, ice, rain and dust. Main characteristics:

  • The material 4FRID is made of does not melt under the sun and does not freeze in cold winter time.
  • It is safe to use – 4FRID will not damage your car, because it is made from rubber.
  • It is easy to use – you don’t need specific skills in order to use this product.
  • It is affordable - with production cost of under 1 Euro per unit.
  • No technical support or special storage needed – you don’t need to store 4FRID in any particular way when it is not in use.
  • Multiple usage – you can use it as long as you want it.
  • Applicable for over 1020 car models many more other vehicles.


We have developed, patented and prototyped 7 models of 4FRID car handle protector. They can be produced in any color, including clear. 4FRID door handle and lock protector is suitable for:

  • more than 75 car makes (1020 model cars altogether);
  • over 100 models of minivans and city transport vehicles;
  • over 360 models of heavyweight and lightweight transportation vehicles;
  • other vehicles: military transport, railway, marine transportation;
  • also applicable for protection of other door handles and lockers.

Frequently Asked QUESTIONS

Q: From what does the 4FRID protector shields?

A: 4FRID protects your car lock and door handle from ice, rain, snow, dust, heat and mud.

Q: What material is made from the 4FRID protector?

A: Elastic rubber.

Q: What technology is necessary to produce 4FRID?

A: We have used widely known methods –injection/molding and stamping.

Q: How do you attach 4FRID to the vehicle door handle?

A: You only need to press 4FRID to the door.

Q: Do you need to use any additional materials or accessories in order for 4FRID to work (sprays, oils ets.)?

A: No.

Q: If 4FRID is covered with snow and ice, how it will come off the vehicle door?

A: Only clean it with your hand and press as usual. The rubber material of 4FRID does not allow mechanical connection between ice or water and 4FRID itself.

Q: How to find out which model of 4FRID is designed for my vehicle model and make?

A: Please email us. We will supply to our potential investors a table with database.



4FRID protector is easily cleaned with soapy water and cloth or a sponge. No special storage is required.