Hello business people,

We are excited to introduce our new innovative product for car handles and locks protection. It is so simple and it can be used worldwide to help people protect their cars. The idea arose one morning when Dimi was running late for his job. He tried to open his frozen car with no luck for over an hour. Alcohol based sprays or heating the lock just don’t work since you may damage the handle and lock or the paint of the car. Then what?! Speaking over a nice cup of coffee in the local coffee shop, the next day we were talking about the problem that many of our friends were facing just like us every freezing morning. So we thought – what if you PREVENT the problem instead of trying to resolve it after it has happened? What is the 4FRID protector, why it is so easy to use, produce and sell – please read the PRODUCT PAGE to learn all details and decide if you want to step in and invest. 



Who are we? We are just two regular guys from Bulgaria with a great idea. Our innovative product may not save the world, but hey, it will spare some problems for so many people. Аnd YOU may profit from it!  



„I believe in this product because it is a great opportunity to develop and to invest in.  Economic crisis will not affect the produce and distribution of 4FRID and may even help the sales.  “  

Dimitar Levski, inventor

„There is a lot of business potential for our innovative product and hence the climate changes I believe we have found a great business niche with potential of growing profits.“ 

Galin Hristov, inventor