Investing in 4FRID protector

door handle and lock protector


The 4FRID protector has been registered and protected with a trade mark in the end of 2014. Until now it has been kept in secret. This product is not an object of legal arguments. The invention has no real competitors and it is the first of its kind on the market.


  • The 4FRID product solves a real problem for many people worldwide. 
  • 4FRID has no competitors on the market.
  • We have registered 7 industrial designs/forms of the product and the trade mark;
  • We guarantee long term of monopole usage of the product – 25 years;
  • 4FRID  is one step of the market – we have made prototypes and we have tested them;
  • Buyer gets exclusive rights over 4FRID;
  • The 4FRID car lock protector is suitable investment for current and start-up companies; 
  • 4FRID seller is also the owner of the product. 

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 We believe 4FRID has a great future.

1. Everybody can use it.

Our product is simple, it solves a real problem and it is cost effective to produce and sell on a relatively low price. This means it is affordable even for people with low income.

2. It has a niche in a promising market. 

  • In general, vehicle sales and sales of accessories for vehicles are rising because people want to travel more and more and transport goods around the world. Still, in the past few years we observe a slight decline because of the economic crisis. This doesn’t mean market for 4FRID relies on rise or fall of the car/vehicle sales. Even if people are hesitant of changing cars less often because they cannot afford it, they will buy the necessary products that can prolong their vehicle life. Our product can be recognized as a very small investment compared with the trouble one may have if they face constant freezing of their car’s lock or door handle. 
  • Our product does not rely on the change of types of cars produced in the future in terms of fuel type. Trends will not affect the sales of our product. 
  •   This product is made not just for cars but for every other vehicle with door handle and lock. We have tested it for 1020 car models and over 460 models of other vehicles.
  • The usage of this product is not limited to vehicles only. Any other door lock or door handle that needs protection is a potential place where you can put 4FRID to prevent freezing or dusting. 

3. No need to invest in new technologies. 4FRID production is based on well-known technologies.

4. Under 1 Euro per unit production cost, including materials, salaries, electricity etc.) will guarantee at least 100% profit at the worst case scenario.

5. The product needs relatively short time to get introduced to the end market. 

6. Go green! The 4FRID protector can be produced from recycled materials. 

7. You can sell worldwide. People will use 4FRID during the winter as well as during the hot summer. Norway, Dubai or Australia – you decide where to sell.

8. Get exclusive rights over the product – please go to our CONTACT PAGE and inquire our presentation to learn more about our investment proposal and see statistics.